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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I know or meet my fellow shareholders?
Who manages the property after it has been erected?
What is the procedure if I want to sell my share?
Can I rent out my un-utilised weeks, and do DJ Syndico assist in finding rental tenants?
Can I swap some of my weeks with other properties in other Estates?
What does the levy include?
What is the value of the furniture included in the price?
How and when are furniture and other inventories replaced?
Who is responsible for maintenance and when does it occur?
Who will be the directors of the FO Company?
How do the voting rights of shareholders work?
Do all fractional ownership companies form their own companies?
What happens if the project cost goes over/under budget?
Where do I pay my monies to and what security do I have that it will be in safe hands?
What happens to my share on my death?
Is any transfer duty applicable?
What are the other hidden costs?
When do I receive my share certificate?
Any Capital Gains Tax?
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