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Manage and update your current property portfolio. Swap some of your weeks with other properties in other Estates or add some of your weeks to the rental pool.


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Looking for a holiday experience that will remain forever? Or what about a weekend breakaway? We invite you to see what our properties, across 9 holiday destinations, have to offer. You can view the photo’s and the floor plans in order to choose the best property for your holiday.



Planned Projects
  Have a look at some of the projects that we are still busy working on. They will be available as soon as possible.


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  Contact us at anytime. Whether you are interested in investing in the DJ Syndico Private Collection or renting one of these exclusive Holiday Homes, we are here to assist you.


Why Fractional Ownership
Fractional Ownership gives you a direct investment into the leisure property market.

Unlike timeshare, Fractional Ownership is an asset on your balance sheet.

The burdens of the day-to-day management are being taken care of by a managing agent.

The day-to-day running costs are being shared between the shareholders.

Shareholders can choose to rent out their allocated weeks.

You can exchange some of your weeks with other Estates.

Resale of your share is simple.

A hassle-free and affordable way to own a holiday home.

Right amount of holiday time at the right amount.


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